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Sundays Lazy Kitten Shopping Bag
Sunday, September 16, 2007

I know I haven't made a post in a looooooooong time, but this kitten has been so tied up in a sim rebuild, and getting some things done for Toys for Tots..however, a morning headache, and some maniac pets keeping me up all night has left me kinda drained.. so kitty came to do some blog clean up and chitter about the new Cassi Drive.
Course if you've visited the Cassiopeia Isle Drive you know that me and my sisters are there, along with Mew's partner Meso and the wonderful work he does for Lynx.

Lynx specializes in Men and Women's jewelry, all prim based.You won't ever find flat textures in any of the wonderful pieces of Lynx. And Mesostopheles Gascoigne does to custom pieces if you want to spoil that special loved one, or if you just want something unique for yourself. I have known Mesostopheles for well over a year now, and I am proud to say
have had the pleasure of working with him on joint projects.
His work never ceases to amaze,never taking my work lightly I am very proud to work with this man and would highly recommend him for your jewelry needs.

Now as we shuffle around the corner of Cassi we find Saur Holts Passionate Neko Dreams.

Passionate Neko Dreams specializes in beauitful gothic clothing.A mixture of children and adult clothing can be found inside this three story building. Everything from regular daily clothing, to the lace and petticoat doll dresses can be found in Saurs store. She's been designing for well over a year now and in my opinion just keeps getting better and better with each of her designs.

And this year Saur has expanded with a Halloween shop, where you can find mummys,pumpkins and a Haunted house for those who really like to go all out and snickers..::snags one::

Now new to our lil Cassi Drive is Kay's Cuddle Creations.
Now anyone who knows me knows I love all the cuddles..and hugs that one can find in SL I love gadgets and trinkets, me and my sweetheart spend about 98% tangled together, even while we're working were in some kind of hug,makes for happy does..besides whats cuter then tangled tails? Well Kays Cuddle Creations adds a very sweet lil twist to curling up with your love one.. and one of these afternoons I'm dragging my honey downstairs to pick out a cup pattern!With a handful of different patterns and colors available I'm sure you'll find something .. now I just need a toast blanket we'll be all set for a breakfast cuddle..

Now as we make our way down the road you will find some gesture and skin shops :) across the beach we have a surf board shop that sells advance surfboards!And we've even placed out some waves to get out there and give it a try , plus if your a lil weary and don't know if surfing is your cup of tea well we've got a rental board for a test drive as well.More then likely youll bump into me or one of my sisters taking a break splashing down there to ^_^(big huggles to Jelly for telling me about surfing..had no clue about this till she pounced me about it yay!)Also in Cassi Drive you'll find Catwalk Couture and SySy Designs.Catwalk Couture store is an outlet, but from what I've seen deft some very cute seperates,will be floating towards her main store possiably next Sunday to take a better peek.

SySy Designs..I've spoken to SySy briefly as we pass one another in Cassi, like myself Cassiopeia is both her store location and her home :) And I must say she is a pleasure to talk to. SySy has a very clean nice set up in her store,easy to shop and move around in,and she has mens clothes guys!

So this is our lil family so far, there are still plenty of store spots available and we'll be having lots of events and things going on soon ^_^ Of course like I said me and my sisters are there to but..flutters hand..I'm not reviewing ourselves thats just But we're not going anywhere, so come by come visit everyone walk around, just enjoy the sim :) Theres a hotdog stand to..may catch one of us there having lunch ;)the designers at Cassi Drive are a pleasure to talk to and as always..thank you for your support guys
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  • At September 22, 2007 at 4:40 AM, Blogger SySy Chapman said…

    Hey Raven :)) Funny i see my shop featured here :) thats sweet of you. We are neighbours for a while now but almost never talk..busy busy busy ha? Anyway keep up the great work i'm a fan of your creations! Xoxox see you on the island

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