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Lazy Kitty Shopping Bag
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today was my "mini day off" meaning I took about 4 hrs off to just sit back and play the new guilty gear until my paws got tired and well I felt like working again, unfortunally SL is going through some serious mean lag so that was put on hold and what better time to go through my ol kitty bag then the present.

A few days ago I received a lil review pack from Laynie Link and unfortunally was buried in sequins and lace at the time so hadn't had a chance to peek inside the box till now.

Laynie has a wonderful collection of very cute seperates,dress sets, accessories,socks,etc.
And you can find her designs on both slex,onrez ,in world, and you can keep track of her through her blog Laynie Wear. Love ppl who have blogs think this is such a big must to have when your designing.

I always shuffle over to the designers store before I do the review to have a look around and to see the range of clothing the designer has.And while heading back out to go home to look in the box I saw this.. ^_^ *thumbs up Laynie*

So lets take a peek shall we?
Laynie gave me a lot of pieces to go through but I'm going to post my three favorites and let you shuffle over to her store to see the rest, which I encourage you do.

First up :LaynieWear Bree
* $250L
* copy, mod, no transfer
* comes in seven colors (blue, green, lemon,mango, ocean, pink, purple)
* set includes 16 individual pieces

Bree is something you would proably catch me wearing in rl while this kitty ran around and did her errands or chittered with friends at a casual lunch.

You have 6 different style opitions with bree..from short and flirty, to longer & casual ,with or without pants & even a swimsuit!Bree is very sweet and flirty and perfect for those relaxing days out with the girls .It's one of the staples you need to have in your closet for the weekend.

LaynieWear Hibiscus Dreams
* $200L
* copy, mod, no transfer
* Skirt comes in seven colors (aqua, dusty rose, ash brown, blue, chocolate, emerald, russet)
* Top comes in three coordinating colors (pink, blue, brown)
* set includes lots of pieces

Now Hibiscus may not be for everyone, there's not a lot of skin showing here, and its a very quiet muted design, but I really enjoyed this set because for one I think its very femine and soft. You really don't find a lot of pieces like this in SL For lack of better words this is the outfit you slip into when your preparing for a very relaxing walk on the beach or in the park.. It doesnt scream LOOK AT ME! Instead it quietly whispers..walk with me.. hold my hand..lets just take time for us..

LaynieWear Teagan Bamboo
* $100L
* Comes in 4 colors (cream, honey, jade, russet)
* contains top on jacket and shirt layer

And last but deft not least, Teagan.This is my favorite piece from Laynie..I love this top and vest! The vest design and embroidary is very sweet the colors are soft and again very romantic and femine. You really have quite a range with this top, you can dress it up with a flirty skirt or like me just throw on those old faded jeans. I'm actually still running around in this right now and intend to wear it quite a bit.

So all in all Laynie Link gets 2 happy paws up, Laynie's prices are more then reasonable & the care and time she takes in her designs can be seen in the small details of her clothing.I say shuffle over and have a look for yourself you are bound to come home with a few bags full.I think I'm going to head back now and get some of those kitty socks it's starting to get chilly again here..Till next time!

your lazy kitty..
posted by Anonymous @ 3:54 PM   3 comments
Sundays Lazy Kitten Shopping Bag
Sunday, September 16, 2007

I know I haven't made a post in a looooooooong time, but this kitten has been so tied up in a sim rebuild, and getting some things done for Toys for Tots..however, a morning headache, and some maniac pets keeping me up all night has left me kinda drained.. so kitty came to do some blog clean up and chitter about the new Cassi Drive.
Course if you've visited the Cassiopeia Isle Drive you know that me and my sisters are there, along with Mew's partner Meso and the wonderful work he does for Lynx.

Lynx specializes in Men and Women's jewelry, all prim based.You won't ever find flat textures in any of the wonderful pieces of Lynx. And Mesostopheles Gascoigne does to custom pieces if you want to spoil that special loved one, or if you just want something unique for yourself. I have known Mesostopheles for well over a year now, and I am proud to say
have had the pleasure of working with him on joint projects.
His work never ceases to amaze,never taking my work lightly I am very proud to work with this man and would highly recommend him for your jewelry needs.

Now as we shuffle around the corner of Cassi we find Saur Holts Passionate Neko Dreams.

Passionate Neko Dreams specializes in beauitful gothic clothing.A mixture of children and adult clothing can be found inside this three story building. Everything from regular daily clothing, to the lace and petticoat doll dresses can be found in Saurs store. She's been designing for well over a year now and in my opinion just keeps getting better and better with each of her designs.

And this year Saur has expanded with a Halloween shop, where you can find mummys,pumpkins and a Haunted house for those who really like to go all out and snickers..::snags one::

Now new to our lil Cassi Drive is Kay's Cuddle Creations.
Now anyone who knows me knows I love all the cuddles..and hugs that one can find in SL I love gadgets and trinkets, me and my sweetheart spend about 98% tangled together, even while we're working were in some kind of hug,makes for happy does..besides whats cuter then tangled tails? Well Kays Cuddle Creations adds a very sweet lil twist to curling up with your love one.. and one of these afternoons I'm dragging my honey downstairs to pick out a cup pattern!With a handful of different patterns and colors available I'm sure you'll find something .. now I just need a toast blanket we'll be all set for a breakfast cuddle..

Now as we make our way down the road you will find some gesture and skin shops :) across the beach we have a surf board shop that sells advance surfboards!And we've even placed out some waves to get out there and give it a try , plus if your a lil weary and don't know if surfing is your cup of tea well we've got a rental board for a test drive as well.More then likely youll bump into me or one of my sisters taking a break splashing down there to ^_^(big huggles to Jelly for telling me about surfing..had no clue about this till she pounced me about it yay!)Also in Cassi Drive you'll find Catwalk Couture and SySy Designs.Catwalk Couture store is an outlet, but from what I've seen deft some very cute seperates,will be floating towards her main store possiably next Sunday to take a better peek.

SySy Designs..I've spoken to SySy briefly as we pass one another in Cassi, like myself Cassiopeia is both her store location and her home :) And I must say she is a pleasure to talk to. SySy has a very clean nice set up in her store,easy to shop and move around in,and she has mens clothes guys!

So this is our lil family so far, there are still plenty of store spots available and we'll be having lots of events and things going on soon ^_^ Of course like I said me and my sisters are there to but..flutters hand..I'm not reviewing ourselves thats just But we're not going anywhere, so come by come visit everyone walk around, just enjoy the sim :) Theres a hotdog stand to..may catch one of us there having lunch ;)the designers at Cassi Drive are a pleasure to talk to and as always..thank you for your support guys
posted by Anonymous @ 11:33 AM   1 comments
One of the best stores :)
Thursday, August 23, 2007
To put it simply, I think I finally found one of those stores you hear people talking about. The one’s that no one tells you about but you accidentally run across when doing a random search. Well for me, this time it was because I was going to a friend’s shop and I was turning to find my bearings (SL as always was borked). Then what do I see but this new shop with some very wonderful designs. I saw this lil sweater which was the last thing I would ever look for as it is like really hot outside. (At least for me my SL shopping is based on if it would even be useful in real, for the most part, except for my artillery ducks... but thats another topic.) The sweater though to die for, even if it is really hot.

The name of this little shop of wonder, simply is Paradisis. *Stands up holding up a picture of the sign of the store* Oooo so pretty.

Paradisis :

You have to see this store to see all the wonderful stuff that has been added. The store carries a wonderful variety from Tech to Neko with wonderful stops in between. They even have some of the most wonderful silks, and I’m not even a huge fan of silks.

The pricing is great as Ankhari has made it possible to buy a wide variety of items from her store without breaking your budget. I was fighting to pull myself out of the store and even then I didn’t escape without buying a few of the items.

(Armor Type A101 Neko Legacy)This armor is everything a sexy neko or human or anything in between or you know not in between. Would possibly want in armor, its tight and shows off the curves wonderfully and even has a tail protector option. Also the cape on the Neko Legacy version is one of my favorite capes I now own.

(Éclair Black W/ Pepita Belt and Heartbreak Socks)How to start complimenting this outfit? Well its simply put perfect, it shows enough skin to keep your significant other looking. Also shows enough skin to find a significant other or just random person :) . Then look at the detail on that belt… even a tiny lil pawprint and the socks, OMG… they are so cute. Even a lil dangly hanging off them. It's just proof of how wonderful Ankhari's designs really are. (sorry if the pic doesnt really show the details, it did before *scratches her head wondering why it messed up*)

-From Left to Right-
(Kittie Me Top w/ Paw Miniskirt)
(Wool Kitten Sweater & Scarf w/ Dirty Torn Pants)
(Black Gold Mini dress)
These 3 outfits, it is hard to find a time you can’t wear these, despite what you might have heard about fashion and style. I have to think hard myself to figure a time that these aren’t simply put wonderful. Some might say oh no Lisa you are out of style, I simply say to those :p. The best styles are the ones that are your own style. If they dont listen to that, just spit on 'em and throw something heavy at them, that generally works at least for me.

So, to wrap this up before I turn this into an essay, get yourself down to Ankhari’s store, Paradisis. You won’t regret shopping here at all. :-)
posted by Lisa @ 10:42 AM   1 comments
PV High Quality HandBags!
Sunday, August 19, 2007

PV -HandBags!

Who doesn’t love a good bag? I Know I do, and when I received these bags/purses to review I was pleasantly surprised! Most of the things I Love to do in Second Life include me and shopping! While I have seen purses before, these ones are of the highest detail I have ever seen in all of Second Life. There are four different styles to choose from!

First we have a simple pocket book that comes in 12 different colors/textures, its called Portefeuille 'Oceane' and it can be your shopping buddy for only 200 Lindens. This pocket book snugly fits under your arm so your hands are free to grab those goodies your shopping for! The texture is very clear, there are no blurry fuzzys coming through, which I must say is a nice relief. It shows our lil designer put some effort and time into her hand bags!

The next style, I really liked the detail because it has a strap but also a lil chain that hangs over your arm. This bag is called Pochette 'Milano'. It comes in six different colors/textures and has a lil bling to it. It can be yours for only 300 Lindens. This designer bag is a perfect fit, when I wore It, I didn’t have to resize anything or move it around. That is pretty rare with items in Second Life sometimes.

The third bag I really liked only cost 300 Lindens and is called Sac de ville 'Paris'! I love this bag, it attaches to your hand and you can pick from 9 different colors/textures. It too has the bling options, you can see that great care was taken into designing this bag. The silver accents on the edges of the bag as well as on the handles really give the bag a little something. A very high detailed piece. There is even a little pocket on the ends of the bag. I really think this will be my favorite shopping buddy from here on out!

And last but defiantly not least, My favorite of the bunch, Its only 250 and has so much detail, it’s a lot like the purse I use in my first life! It is called Sac de ville 'ST.Tropez' and comes in five different colors/textures for you to pick from. The bag has chain links that connect the strap to the actual bag then it has little purse compartments with flaps! There is something about this purse, I just feel like it wants to be my best friend!

Precious Vuckovic of PV has really outdone herself. I love her bags and you will too. You should stop by her little outlet in Redgrave and check out her purses. What’s so nice about her items is you can rez them to take a peek at what you are buying. I really suggest these bags, which all include the bling option and which are also transferable, would be a great accent to your avie or a great gift for a girlfriend, sister or mom!
Visit her outlet today:
posted by Tigerlady Jacobs @ 2:21 PM   1 comments
~KorvinKreations~ Shop Review!
KorvinKreations - A great lil shop!

A lil shop that has been in existance since march of 07! Trinks for everyone, young and old, boys and girls; men and women!

Wow, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I visited Pasha Korvin’s new shop! She let me know that her old shop was demolished last week due to events she could not control and got her new place up and running over night!

When visiting KorvinKreations, I really liked the lay out, everything was laid out so I could look at the boxes without clicking through endless vendors. I so hate to do that. I liked the columns she used in the middle of the shop to highlight some items and I was happy to see that there was no real lag at the new place! ( I know what your thinking, you don’t know what Second Life is like without lag, but I’m here to tell you it really helps the shopping experience haha)

Pasha has created a lot of different items from jewelry for men and women to furniture like bean bag chairs and cuddle rugs. She even has a few clothing items such as PJ’s socks and skirts!

Some of her jewelry is pretty cool because you can change the color of the gems included on the piece. A few of them change textures when you click on them. I absolutely feel in love with her bangle bracelets that change textures on click. They go with just about anything! She has several different textured bangles too, they are all pretty cute and hard to pick from, its like do you want just beads or bangles or both? Way to go Pasha, Ill just have to buy one of each!

Her furniture section isn’t large but it is super cute, her cuddle pillows also work as stand alone pillows, so you can drag them over a friend’s house, plop them down and chill. They have really nice poses in them that you can use with a friend or use on your own. The textures are out of this world. One of her items I Just feel in love with was the beanbag chairs!! They are only 3 prims and you can click through the poses! Creative if you ask me and great for those who don’t have half a sim for furniture!

Shes got rings for your toes and your fingers! If you’re a guy or a gal you can find a ring here to fit ya! She also does custom bracelets, you can put just about anything you want on them and give them to someone for a gift or keep for yourself. The bracelets come in gold or silver and the text on them change colors! Hot dog for matching any outfit I wear!!

All and all KorvinKreations has been up and running since about march, pasha said shes tried to get her name out there, but with the bigger designers it almost feels impossible to get exposure! As her big sister I thought I had to do my part and review her shop, it really has something for everyone!

Stop by her shop today at

Or buy her items on – Her blog is always up to date with new item releases.
Two paws up for you Pash my dear, and keep up the good work!

posted by Tigerlady Jacobs @ 12:15 PM   0 comments
DarkStar Designs - Review of Gaia Goodnight's shop!
Friday, July 27, 2007

In my travels the last few months I have come across some awesome designers as well as shops… but when stumbled across DarkStar Designs by Gaia Goodnight, my breath was taken away. I found his shop located in the sim called Unlimited, if you follow this link you can check it out yourself.

Darkstar Designs has so much to offer, from items, to hair to clothing. The items are a refreshing high quality. Not only is his items high quality, but this guy showed off his building talents in the Unlimited sim, building the stores and putting it together. He has more talent in his pinky then I could ever dream of having. I truly have been flabbergasted by how creative this guy is. You can tell he takes pride in his work, even his boxes are well put together/designed. Just by glancing in the store you can see the massive amount of hard work Gaia has put into his work.

Looking around his shop I found what I like to call my favorite outfit right now! For a mere 300 Lindens not only do you get a skirt, socks, belt, 2 tops but boots and even HAIR! The set is called ::Lovers Rendezvous. The boots are top notch, the finest deatal was taken when creating them. The boots alone I would pay 300 Lindens for. They are brown leather, untied to fit just about any ones foot. The bottom of the shoes even have notches in them for a realistic look. They are simply the best boots I have ever seen in Second life. The socks are so cute, your toes stick out the bottom and one is a little higher then the other, it really makes your avie adorable. The prim skirt is flexi and fit on the first try. That’s so rare! The fit was most excellent with a matching belt. The belt was high in detail notching, the buckle is no ordinary buckle… its in the shape of a heart. Such fine craftsmanship went into this ensemble. Trust this kitty, if you get this outfit, your tail will be swinging with happiness, this is a four paws up outfit!

Darkstar Designs even has items for the guys from high quality boots, to accessory belts. I suppose even the bad ass ladies could wear them. I’m loving this belt, it comes fully equipped with a dagger so you can stab

enemies and even smoke bombs, while these things are attached to the belt and you cant use them, they add a great accent along with loops, chains and even a detailed buckle. The texturing on this belt is out of this world, not only are the pieces exquisite but the texturing really sets the piece off. You can own this belt for only 100 Lindens, I’m sure no one would mes
s with you then!! Darkstar Designs also has a climbing rope that wraps around your waist for only 50 Lindens, you’ll be fully equipped for anything after you visit this shop!
My favorite set of boots I found in Gaia’s shop have to be these awesome Ashwalker Boots. They go with everything! Side buckles keep them in place, a heel for that extra lift and even little loops in the back along the top rim. Again top notch texturing… These are only 100 Lindens… Can you believe it? Really I’m about ready to toss my kat nip aside and just roll around in my new boots!

Costumes, that you just have to see in person, the details of each piece that makes up an out fit is impeccable. There are cloaks for you to check out, headphones, a moogle that will follow you around and even full avatars, There is defiantly something for everyone in this shop! I think next Halloween I will try out his Rikku costume with interactive weapons! Speaking of weapons, Darkstar Designs has some of the most killer guns I have ever laid eyes on, the price ranges from 100 Lindens to 200 Lindens and in between; you’ve just got to get over and check it out! I think Ill grab a blitzer belt for a mere 60 lindens, its an accessory that is a must!

Before your out of his shop, make sure you pick up some hair for your new look. The guys hair seriously will make your avie 10X hotter. When I first met Gaia he had his own hair on, and I was raving over how awesome I thought it looked. The girls could even wear some of his short hair for a shag look. The best part about the hair is the price, I am big on prices and his demos are free *so that’s an automatic belly rub there* and the hair is only 100 Lindens a piece. How can you not pick up several colors at that price? Girls can choose from some flowing hair to pig tails to add a lil extra something themselves.

Over all this guy can build and design with one paw tied behind his little back. Not only is he probably the sweetest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with, he is multi-talented. He’s created several things that aren’t up in his store, and does this all for the fun of it. He truly makes second life a better place just by having his creations and most of all himself as part of this virtual world.

Gaia Goodnight of Darkstar Designs, I give you 4 paws up, 2 belly rubs and a my post prize possession – my cat bed! You are truly a talented designer. Please everyone, check out Darkstar Designs asap!
posted by ~Pash~ @ 2:18 PM   1 comments
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