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Inside the Kitten's Shopping Bag
Friday, February 9, 2007

The Kitten woke up early this morning and was flipping through the new products posts on
the SecondLife Forums while nursing a second cup of coffee . (dang cold here =<(~.~)>= )
and came across a post by Radical Twang showcasing a cute lil swimsuit and short set.

So the pigtails came off and I grabbed my purse and headed down to the Reaction Surf Store.
If you've never had the pleasure to visit Reaction Surf Store I'd deft recommend it,
the store is neatly set up and quite comfortable to shop in. In first visiting I was under the
impression that all the designs were done by one person, heh kitty was wrong ,in fact there are a few designers that help make up the Reaction Surf Store and I personally think the compliment each other perfectly making the shopping experience quite refreshing.

So what did the kitten come home with , oh come see come see first up..

Reaction Girls-Skullies Bikini Set(Breezy Biddle)- For a mere 140L you can get this adorable bikini set with matching boardies included .This is the reason I made my trip to begin with the boardies are just darling , there are different styles and colors available.

Wrong-Clip Set( Kaysha Sion)- At 150L this 4 piece set is a steal, you get arm warmers, the top and skirt and skirt base. What caught my eye on this outfit was the belts around the thighs, it makes the set very unique and eye catching. Perfect for a Friday night out clubbing with the girls.

Roxee-Glimpse(Trinitee Trilian)- 175L gets you a very stylish 5 piece set complete with gloves and fishnet stockings. Soon as I saw this I had to grab it.It's sweet and sexy all at the same time!

Roxee -Persistant(Trinitee Trillian)-185L 7 piece set. Are we seeing a trend here fabulous stylish sets for very reasonable prices. Persistant was another set that I didn't have to think twice about the red in this outfit is so vibrant it just pops. And there are so many different ways you can wear this very versatile and fun.

These girls are deft a treasure to check out over and over again, I know I'm bookmarking
the Reaction Surf Store and going back for more. They even have cute lil flip flops
at a mere 60L for ladies and even have a selection for the gentlemen with shoes and
nice very attractive tops!

So Reaction Surf Store gets two happy paws up from this kitten!
Head on over there today..


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