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=^.^= Neko Gear =^.^= Four paws up!
Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hey kitties, go break that piggy bank, I have just found the best kitty treats in all of second life, and they’re located in little stores called =^.^= Neko Gear =^.^=! Check them out here:

I have to say the designer DarkLour Watanabe, really has the kitty style down! Meow, this Kitty went shopping!!!

Not only did I stumble on this shop with the help of a new friend, but the designer popped in while I was there and I have to admit, a designer/builder who is friendly gets five golden kitty treats in my book. DarkLour was so friendly, offering any help to customers with questions, and even sticking around to talk with us for a little while. In speaking with him I found out he has 18 store locations scattered around second life and hopes his group Neko Gear keeps growing. (Be sure to look up his group and get in for updates and what nots). He really has a unique style, he wants his pieces to accent the avie rather then over power your cuteness.

Not only does he hook nekos up with the proper warning signs such as, Sexy Neko Cross; but you can get your own street signs as well as announcements signs like Neko Lane. I love these signs, they really add flavor to your home/area and they wont cost you a paw and a tail! Only 25Lindens each, for that price you must buy at least 4! I love my sexy neko crossing sign, its like my lil place, for all the tom cats to stop and howl when I walk buy! Meow, Bitch!

With all my new goodies from his shop, I decided to set up a lil play area, pulling out my Kitty Lounger I realized how amazing of a product it was, not only can you tint it to your fav shade, but YOU PLACE THE POSE balls where you want. How awesome is that? Now I don’t have to worry about a piece of furniture that I cant modify the pose balls to fit my needs. Way cool. Also perfect for those nekos who have limited prims, you can pick the pose you want to use and keep the rest stuffed safely in your inventory. This perfect lounger is only 250 Lindens.

As far as clothing goes, I just couldn’t pick one shirt, or two shirts and so I’m having a real delima as to what to wear, do I want you to know that you suck? Or do I want you to know that Kitty thinks you’re an asshole? I just love his kitty thinks shirts! The shirts are really put together with humor and neko style! Meow Bitch! These T-shirts you just cannot pass up at only 50Lindens each.

Neko Gears jewelry is awesome, its small so you can resize it to what you need to fit. He and I both discussed it and our favorite pieces are his Collars. They have a tiny bell in them that does not over power when you move around. Its simply a perfect little bell. The collars have such tiny pieces, they are very high quality, with a little dangling paw, the collar is decorated with little paw prints and its just too cute to not have. Only 250 Lindens, such a good investment. You can even get a matching belt.

He isn’t a Designer that just favors the ladies, he also has a few things for the tom cats, awesome finger rings, which I think is quite creative, I even got myself one of each color! His bracelets are the best, they come with 40 different textures, simply click the bracelet and poof, new texture – no need for 40 different bracelets mucking up your inventory anymore! I have to say I’m lovin these bracelets too!

There are so many products that Neko Gear has and not just for girls but for tom cats too! You can decorate your own area up with his barrels, couches, mattress, signs and even street debris. You must visit Neko gear, or kitty will think you suck!

All in all Neko Gear gets all Four paws up and a roll over for a belly rub. I know I will be checking back weekly for Mew stuff from this awesome designer! And dont forget, Check out his group!!
posted by ~Pash~ @ 10:39 AM  
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