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Kittys Bag Lazy Afternoon
Sunday, February 18, 2007
Your friendly neighborhood kitty here just hanging around the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I decided to slip on the old combat boots and kick ol Secondlife around a bit so they would let me in..don't know about you guys but this kitten had to tumble around with some bad baaaaaad lag.
Anyway finally making it in game, and successfully being able to move..I took my box of samples from Microphage up a tree and dug in and had a look.
Now I have to be honest I have been eyeballing Microphage by:Delaney Whippet for the past couple of days. Her vibrant ,rich colors kept catching my eyes,her designs remind me of art portraits you may see in a exhibit, which sits just fine with me being a lover of art. So I was more the delighted when she offered to send Couture Debut a box of samples to take a looksee at ^_^
So what's in the kitty's bag? Let's have a look..
first up :

Belted Pencil Dresses: Now the one thing your going to notice about Microphage are her very low prices, I honestly went back a few times to make sure I had written them down correctly in my notes *lol* The Belted Pencil Dresses come in three colors deep blue,olive green, and the maroon you see me wearing in the picture.I quite enjoy this dress, very simple,elegant and classy. And again the colors are very vibrant and rich.

Retro Pucci- I adore this dress, and paired along with a scarf headband hair do and knee high boots how can you go wrong.Marked at a 50L this dress is just fun fun fun, I felt the need to go track down Austin Powers and go wiggle around on the dance floor.This dress is a eye catcher,but Retro designs usually are thats what makes them so enjoyable!

Rose Scoop Neck Top- Now Delaney actually has this paired up with a skirt in her catalog pics for a more dressy look,but I wanted to see if I could possibly get away with a more casual dressed down look and it looks quite nice to this kitten.The Rose Scoop neck top is a mere L25 and comes in four bright vivid colors!

BohemainKeyHoleTank: I'm afraid I went to visit Microphage to find the price on this top and wasn't able to to locate it, but I'm sure if you im Delaney she can point you in the right direction.Again very cute sophisticated look when paired with just a simple pair of pants. For those of you who like the business attire of SL I think this would look quite catching with a matching jacket and pant set.*makes a note to look for a suit later tonight*Again love love the colors.

Spaghetti Strap Tank: Another piece by Mircophage that gives you so many mix and match options, here I'm wearing it with again just a simple pair of suit pants, but for a even dressier look why not a long black skirt, or even a short ruffly skirt for something a lil flirtier.The Spaghetti Tank is deft a piece I probably will be wearing quite often again because of that very sophisticated classic feel that it brings when you put it on.

Buddha Tank: And last but not least Buddha Buddha, I actually am still running around in this shirt right now *lol* fun and casual great paired up with your favorite faded jeans! Again this was another top I could not locate in the store but I'm sure if you just ask for some help you'll get pointed in the right direction.

So all in all this kitty gives Mircophage two excited paws up for her very impressive and unique sense of design. I will be keeping an eye on you Delaney Whippet I sense some very delightful things from you in the months to come. I did happen to make it over to her store as mentioned above and do quite recommend going over to visit. Very clean and organized shop and quite a delight to stroll around in ^_^
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