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~KorvinKreations~ Shop Review!
Sunday, August 19, 2007
KorvinKreations - A great lil shop!

A lil shop that has been in existance since march of 07! Trinks for everyone, young and old, boys and girls; men and women!

Wow, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I visited Pasha Korvin’s new shop! She let me know that her old shop was demolished last week due to events she could not control and got her new place up and running over night!

When visiting KorvinKreations, I really liked the lay out, everything was laid out so I could look at the boxes without clicking through endless vendors. I so hate to do that. I liked the columns she used in the middle of the shop to highlight some items and I was happy to see that there was no real lag at the new place! ( I know what your thinking, you don’t know what Second Life is like without lag, but I’m here to tell you it really helps the shopping experience haha)

Pasha has created a lot of different items from jewelry for men and women to furniture like bean bag chairs and cuddle rugs. She even has a few clothing items such as PJ’s socks and skirts!

Some of her jewelry is pretty cool because you can change the color of the gems included on the piece. A few of them change textures when you click on them. I absolutely feel in love with her bangle bracelets that change textures on click. They go with just about anything! She has several different textured bangles too, they are all pretty cute and hard to pick from, its like do you want just beads or bangles or both? Way to go Pasha, Ill just have to buy one of each!

Her furniture section isn’t large but it is super cute, her cuddle pillows also work as stand alone pillows, so you can drag them over a friend’s house, plop them down and chill. They have really nice poses in them that you can use with a friend or use on your own. The textures are out of this world. One of her items I Just feel in love with was the beanbag chairs!! They are only 3 prims and you can click through the poses! Creative if you ask me and great for those who don’t have half a sim for furniture!

Shes got rings for your toes and your fingers! If you’re a guy or a gal you can find a ring here to fit ya! She also does custom bracelets, you can put just about anything you want on them and give them to someone for a gift or keep for yourself. The bracelets come in gold or silver and the text on them change colors! Hot dog for matching any outfit I wear!!

All and all KorvinKreations has been up and running since about march, pasha said shes tried to get her name out there, but with the bigger designers it almost feels impossible to get exposure! As her big sister I thought I had to do my part and review her shop, it really has something for everyone!

Stop by her shop today at

Or buy her items on – Her blog is always up to date with new item releases.
Two paws up for you Pash my dear, and keep up the good work!

posted by Tigerlady Jacobs @ 12:15 PM  
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