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PV High Quality HandBags!
Sunday, August 19, 2007

PV -HandBags!

Who doesn’t love a good bag? I Know I do, and when I received these bags/purses to review I was pleasantly surprised! Most of the things I Love to do in Second Life include me and shopping! While I have seen purses before, these ones are of the highest detail I have ever seen in all of Second Life. There are four different styles to choose from!

First we have a simple pocket book that comes in 12 different colors/textures, its called Portefeuille 'Oceane' and it can be your shopping buddy for only 200 Lindens. This pocket book snugly fits under your arm so your hands are free to grab those goodies your shopping for! The texture is very clear, there are no blurry fuzzys coming through, which I must say is a nice relief. It shows our lil designer put some effort and time into her hand bags!

The next style, I really liked the detail because it has a strap but also a lil chain that hangs over your arm. This bag is called Pochette 'Milano'. It comes in six different colors/textures and has a lil bling to it. It can be yours for only 300 Lindens. This designer bag is a perfect fit, when I wore It, I didn’t have to resize anything or move it around. That is pretty rare with items in Second Life sometimes.

The third bag I really liked only cost 300 Lindens and is called Sac de ville 'Paris'! I love this bag, it attaches to your hand and you can pick from 9 different colors/textures. It too has the bling options, you can see that great care was taken into designing this bag. The silver accents on the edges of the bag as well as on the handles really give the bag a little something. A very high detailed piece. There is even a little pocket on the ends of the bag. I really think this will be my favorite shopping buddy from here on out!

And last but defiantly not least, My favorite of the bunch, Its only 250 and has so much detail, it’s a lot like the purse I use in my first life! It is called Sac de ville 'ST.Tropez' and comes in five different colors/textures for you to pick from. The bag has chain links that connect the strap to the actual bag then it has little purse compartments with flaps! There is something about this purse, I just feel like it wants to be my best friend!

Precious Vuckovic of PV has really outdone herself. I love her bags and you will too. You should stop by her little outlet in Redgrave and check out her purses. What’s so nice about her items is you can rez them to take a peek at what you are buying. I really suggest these bags, which all include the bling option and which are also transferable, would be a great accent to your avie or a great gift for a girlfriend, sister or mom!
Visit her outlet today:
posted by Tigerlady Jacobs @ 2:21 PM  
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