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One of the best stores :)
Thursday, August 23, 2007
To put it simply, I think I finally found one of those stores you hear people talking about. The one’s that no one tells you about but you accidentally run across when doing a random search. Well for me, this time it was because I was going to a friend’s shop and I was turning to find my bearings (SL as always was borked). Then what do I see but this new shop with some very wonderful designs. I saw this lil sweater which was the last thing I would ever look for as it is like really hot outside. (At least for me my SL shopping is based on if it would even be useful in real, for the most part, except for my artillery ducks... but thats another topic.) The sweater though to die for, even if it is really hot.

The name of this little shop of wonder, simply is Paradisis. *Stands up holding up a picture of the sign of the store* Oooo so pretty.

Paradisis :

You have to see this store to see all the wonderful stuff that has been added. The store carries a wonderful variety from Tech to Neko with wonderful stops in between. They even have some of the most wonderful silks, and I’m not even a huge fan of silks.

The pricing is great as Ankhari has made it possible to buy a wide variety of items from her store without breaking your budget. I was fighting to pull myself out of the store and even then I didn’t escape without buying a few of the items.

(Armor Type A101 Neko Legacy)This armor is everything a sexy neko or human or anything in between or you know not in between. Would possibly want in armor, its tight and shows off the curves wonderfully and even has a tail protector option. Also the cape on the Neko Legacy version is one of my favorite capes I now own.

(Éclair Black W/ Pepita Belt and Heartbreak Socks)How to start complimenting this outfit? Well its simply put perfect, it shows enough skin to keep your significant other looking. Also shows enough skin to find a significant other or just random person :) . Then look at the detail on that belt… even a tiny lil pawprint and the socks, OMG… they are so cute. Even a lil dangly hanging off them. It's just proof of how wonderful Ankhari's designs really are. (sorry if the pic doesnt really show the details, it did before *scratches her head wondering why it messed up*)

-From Left to Right-
(Kittie Me Top w/ Paw Miniskirt)
(Wool Kitten Sweater & Scarf w/ Dirty Torn Pants)
(Black Gold Mini dress)
These 3 outfits, it is hard to find a time you can’t wear these, despite what you might have heard about fashion and style. I have to think hard myself to figure a time that these aren’t simply put wonderful. Some might say oh no Lisa you are out of style, I simply say to those :p. The best styles are the ones that are your own style. If they dont listen to that, just spit on 'em and throw something heavy at them, that generally works at least for me.

So, to wrap this up before I turn this into an essay, get yourself down to Ankhari’s store, Paradisis. You won’t regret shopping here at all. :-)
posted by Lisa @ 10:42 AM  
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